Tuesday, September 21, 2010, 9/21/2010 04:52:00 AM

Bratz Dolls Trade Secret Case Renders Ron Brawer a Professional Witness

By Todd

We've covered the ins-and-outs of this Bratz Dolls trade secrets case and decided you might like to see the most recent motion filed in the case - one for a protective order to stop the SEVENTH deposition of a guy named Ron Brawer. Apparently Mr. Brawer used to work for Mattel and now he works for MGA and he's been deposed six times already for a total of 45 hours. But, alas, Mattel wants to depose him again. And MGA is protesting louder than Roberto Duran during a Sugar Ray Leonard fight.

We don't know whether Ron Brawer knows something more than he already testified to in his 45 hours of previous sworn testimony. We just know that we're glad our name is not Ron Brawer. And, sorry, that's not Ron Brawer in the picture to the left but we figured we'd feature a picture of a guy who looks like he's frazzled just for fun.


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