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Former Akamai Technologies Employee Thinks He's Dealing With Israelis But, Alas, He Was Dealing with the FBI

By Todd

Oh what a tangled web we weave,

When first we practice to deceive!

Well, you're always assuming a risk when you reach out to someone you don't know and suggest that they might be interested in some confidential information that you have. According to a Boston Business Journal report, that's what Elliott Doxer got caught up in when he tried to offer the Israeli Consulate some information that he had access to in his employment with Akamai Technologies.

According to the filed affidavit of an FBI agent, this is how he took the matter to Israel: "“I am a Jewish American who lives in Boston. I know you are always looking for information and I am offering the little I may have.” Oops! Israel apparently immediately contacted the FBI and that's when the FBI started acting, well, Israeli and got Mr. Doxer to turn over his stolen stash.

And note that this one goes back a good while - beginning in the summer of 2006, Doxer provided documents such as contracts, employee lists and employee contact information to the FBI agent. As of late Wednesday, Doxer was being held pending a detention hearing. He asked for a court-appointed lawyer but a judge denied the request, finding he could afford to hire an attorney.


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