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Game Over and Lights Out on Eaton v. Frisby Trade Secrets Case

We’ve had tons of posts on this case going back as far as 2006. In this recent one from last June, we discussed the discovery sanctions against Eaton, the plaintiff in this trade secrets case concerning former employees who went to work for a rival company, Frisby.

Now comes word that the judge has dismissed the whole case, with prejudice, on account of misconduct by plaintiff’s counsel.

According to the Jackson Clarion-Ledger, the Mississippi state court judge found that plaintiff and its counsel tried to influence the then-trial judge (since imprisoned) through a particular counsel hired for that purpose.

According to the article, Eaton will take up the matter on appeal. Its spokesman said "we in no way asked Ed Peters to try to influence Judge DeLaughter or any other judge," adding that "Eaton is a value-based organization...We're very disappointed in the decision."


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