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Snyder's and Almeling's "Keeping Secrets: A Practical Introduction to Trade Secret Law and Strategy"

By Todd
This will be my final post on Womble Trade Secrets - after 16 great years at Womble Carlyle, I am departing for a litigation boutique that will be called Graebe Hanna & Sullivan, PLLC.  Before advising you about a great new trade secret resource for all, I want to thank my friend and partner Press Millen for prompting me to co-author this blog with him back in 2006.  There have been literally hundreds of thousands of visitors to this blog and I've met scores of attorneys and business people who reported perusing and using the blog for information.  Thank you Press.

Our friends at O'Melveny & Myers, Darin Snyder and David Almeling, have written a practical and useful primer on trade secret law and the legal and practical treatment of trade secrets.  The book, published by Oxford University Press, is divided into three parts:  (a) the basics and some definitions useful in understanding trade secret law; (b) guidelines for creating a legal strategy for protecting trade secrets; and (c) practical guidance regarding business and legal responses to incidents of trade secret misappropriation or accusations of the same.

The anecdotes and breezy case studies in the book are rewarding - our favorite quote was from the founder of a company that designed underground mining vehicles and whose company was the victim of a key, respected employee's theft: "I was like the husband whose wife was getting it on the side."  Messrs. Snyder and Almeling have shared with us their homework and case studies - just great stuff.  We recommend this book to business litigators and non-specialists but it is great reading for those of us specializing in this area of law, as well.  You can find the link to the book here:


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