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Friday, August 17, 2012, 8/17/2012 07:55:00 AM

New Indictment in Bridgestone Tire Trade Secrets Case

The Cleveland Plain-Dealer is becoming our go-to source on current trade secrets stories.

Here’s another from that publication concerning a case out of Akron.

Xiaorong Wang, a former research scientist with Bridgestone Americas, has been indicted again on 15 counts of trade secrets theft and lying to the FBI.

The indictment claims that Wang burned six CD’s of proprietary information on his way out the door after being told he would be let go. The secrets allegedly concern formulas and compound properties for race tires.

An earlier plea deal was rejected by the judge.

The FBI says that Wang provided the trade secrets to Shanghai Frontier Elastomer Co.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012, 8/07/2012 08:06:00 AM

Eaton-Frisby Trade Secrets Summary

Offered without comment, a long story from the Cleveland Plain Dealer concerning one of the strangest trade secrets cases ever, with North Carolina ties to boot.
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