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Hacking of "Soft Spot" Leads to Criminal Theft of Trade Secrets by Competitor

From Silicon.com of the UK, an interesting and in-depth account of the theft of trade secrets of software company Niku by executives of Business Engine Software. From October 2001 until July 2002, Business Engine used stolen passwords to gain unauthorized access to Niku's systems more than 6,000 times and downloaded over a thousand confidential documents containing trade secrets, including technical specifications, product designs, prospective customers, customer proposals, client account information and pricing.

Silocon.com reports that according to one source close to the case, Business Engine stole the passwords from an online Niku employee training system that was not password-protected. "They hacked into a soft spot," said a former Niku executive.

The case is one of many criminal trade secrets cases pending in and around Silicon Valley.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get your facts straight. Niku published in an open forum access links to their internal systems while a major competitor was watching. Nobody 'hacked' into anything.

This is a case where the government protected the stupid and prosecuted the innocent.

Everyone claims to hate big government until they do something stupid and need them to cover up their own stupid mistakes.

2:54 PM, May 07, 2008  

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