Tuesday, April 25, 2006, 4/25/2006 08:01:00 AM

Updates on Recent Trade Secrets Stories

More on the China-Canada economic espionage flap from the China Daily, Chinese Ambassador Lu Shumin says that Canada's charges about China spying for trade secrets are "baseless and not conducive to bilateral relations."

Meanwhile, Canadian officials are hardly mollified (or mollifying). The Star-Phoenix of Saskatoon, reports here that Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper brushed aside that angry denial from Beijing and said the Conservative government plans to press China for answers about industrial espionage in Canada.

Don't expect a lot of answers Mr. Harper.

On the Apple vs. Bloggers trade secrets front, here's an interesting report from the New York Law Journal (reprinted on law.com) on the tough questioning Apple's lawyers received from the appellate court which seemed equally troubled by the first amendment and trade secrets aspects of the case. According to the report, the "6th District Court of Appeal panel expressed serious concerns Thursday with Apple Computer's two-year quest to find out who leaked trade secret information to online blog sites."

EETimes has another report on the Apple argument here.


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