Sunday, June 04, 2006, 6/04/2006 09:54:00 AM

Damages and More Damages for Trade Secrets Misappropriation

From the Fayetteville (AK) Morning News, a story about a trial court's reconsideration of damages in a trade secrets case after remand of the case from the Arkansas Supreme Court. The case is reportedly the Arkansas Supreme Court's first consideration of a trade secrets.

The case arose from a dispute between a nurse placement and its former employees who went to work for a competitor. The trial court initially found damages in the amount of $262,303 based on the alleged value of the misappropriated trade secrets. The Supreme Court first ruled that damages had to be limited to defendants' profits earned by use of the trade secrets. The court later reversed itself saying that the value of the trade secrets could be an additional component of damages.

The case is now back before the trial court.

The Arkansas Supreme Court's opinion can be found here.
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