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Trade Secrets and Dog Food

Who could resist?

From the Kansas City Business Journal, a story about a lawsuit filed by Atchison, Kansas company, MGP Ingredients, Inc. against Kansas City-based S&M NuTec LLC, the maker of "Greenies" dog food treats and candy bar maker, Mars Inc. which bought S&M NuTec in April.

According to the story, the complaint claims that MGP entered into a long-term, exclusive supply agreement with NuTec in October to provide key Greenie ingredients that "are closely guarded trade secrets."

But after the sale of NuTec, Mars said the relationship between MGP and NuTec was unenforceable. Mars quit purchasing from MGP and began manufacturing a new Greenies formula without compensating MGP, according to the complaint.

What the heck are Greenies? According to one pet food web site, they're great to chew on and improve your breath (if you're a dog):

"Dr. Joe and Judy Roetheli are dog lovers with a strong interest in animal health and nutrition. But the idea for Greenies was actually inspired by Ivan, their male Samoyed who suffered from terrible breath. The Roethelis decided to formulate something Ivan would love to chew on that would get rid of his doggie breath and be good for his teeth and overall health. With help from a veterinarian and clinical nutritionist, the Roethelis developed Greenies, the first and only smart-treat for dogs. Greenies not only satisfies a dog's natural desire to chew, they contain the natural green advantages of chlorophyll, which comes from plants."

Who knew?
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