Monday, August 14, 2006, 8/14/2006 07:56:00 AM

Updates on Coke Trade Secrets Case

Numerous reports on the pretrial motions in the Coke trade secrets case, including this one from Finance 24 of Cape Town, South Africa. The lawyer for former Coke employee Joya Williams, has filed a motion to suppress the evidence obtained in a search of her home and, especially her computer.

According to the article, an "inventory of items seized from the home on July 5, which was attached to the motion, shows agents removed a computer disc, Coca-Cola and Fanta documents, a bank deposit slip, Coca-Cola memos and e-mail and a journal." The contention of the motion, of course, is that there was insufficient probable cause to conduct the search.

And, from, an article regarding another motion to separate Williams trial from that of her two co-defendants. The contention there is that her defense will be antagonistic to that of the co-defendants.

The government, of course, loves antagonism between co-defendants at trial, so expect it to oppose the motion, and, expect the court to deny the motion.

No trial date has yet been set.
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