Thursday, September 28, 2006, 9/28/2006 07:38:00 AM

Chinese Economic Espionage in Silicon Valley -- Coming to a Town Near You?

From the San Jose Mercury News, a story describing Silicon Valley as a "hotbed" of economic espionage. The article describes a number of economic espionage cases involving Chinese nationals, including one concerning chip maker NetLogic Microsystems, reported by us earlier here, in which the government is seeking to step up the charges to allege that China was involved.

The article reports that the Valley is home to many of the estimated 3,000 Chinese front companies nationwide set up to steal secrets and acquire technology, according to the FBI. The FBI recently added a San Jose economic espionage and counterintelligence unit to one already operating in Palo Alto. That office is currently investigating approximately a dozen economic espionage cases with suspected ties to China.

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