Friday, January 05, 2007, 1/05/2007 02:41:00 PM

Prosecutors in Coca-Cola Trade Secrets Case Want Confidential Exhibits Sealed

By Todd
It is now being reported that prosecutors invoked a law used in terrorism and government espionage cases in asking the judge Thursday to bar jurors at the trial of a former Coca-Cola secretary charged in a trade secrets theft case from disclosing to others confidential materials they are presented.

In the unusual request, the prosecutors also asked that any exhibits containing Coca-Cola trade secrets that are entered into evidence during Joya Williams' trial be sealed by the court.
The move comes even though reporters will be in the courtroom and will be free to report what they hear and see. The government said sealing the exhibits would "avoid further display and copying by the general public."

Ms. Williams' attorney is vigorously objecting to the prosecution's request. We will keep an eye on developments in this matter.

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