Friday, April 20, 2007, 4/20/2007 02:37:00 PM

Motorola Ordered to Pay $22.9 Million in Attorney's Fee Sanction in Trade Secrets Mistrial

By Todd
Daily Report is reporting that Motorola Inc. has been ordered to pay $22.9 million in attorneys fees and costs to lawyers for a now-defunct technology company, months after a trade secrets lawsuit ended in a hung jury.

Circuit Judge Leroy Moe ruled that the law firm headed by famed attorney Willie Gary was due money based on Motorola's alleged poor conduct during the trial against SPS Technologies Corp.

But the award was much less than the $200 million in fees, costs and restitution sought by Gary's firm, and the judge did not even address the issue of restitution or sanctions in his ruling.

"Certainly, it was a huge rejection of Mr. Gary's case," said Motorola attorney Faith Gay, who said Motorola would appeal the award. "Our feeling is there isn't a basis in law or fact for the award of sanctions."

Gary said after the trial that the judge's ruling sent a message to Motorola that "you can't cheat and get away with it."

"The $22.9 million for fees and costs, obviously we felt that should be a bit more," Gary said.
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