Monday, July 09, 2007, 7/09/2007 08:41:00 AM

Chinese Economic Espionage -- An EU Point of View

From the Epoch Times, an interview with Claude Moniquet from the European Strategic Intelligence and Security Centre concerning the different approaches to Chinese economic espionage in the EU.

According to Moniquet,

"Very sadly Europe can not be compared with the US on this point. The US has a very clear policy towards security issues. Notwithstanding the commercial relations they have with China they made it very clear to China that spying in the US cannot be allowed and that whoever gets caught will face jail time or be in serious trouble. Sadly in Europe it's not the same. Most of the European countries that deal with China, like France, Germany, the UK, Italy, etcetera, know very well that the Chinese secret service is working very hard in their country to steal industrial or commercial secrets, but in the same time they do not want to harm the relationship they have with China."

Moniquet's solution:

"We should make clear to them that we want to have commercial relations with them but that there are certain things they cannot do, such as spying or trying to influence the Chinese communities living in Europe or threaten and manipulate the local Chinese people."
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