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Trade Secrets and Insulation? In West Virginia

A small blurb from The Record, West Virginia's legal journal:

Prime Insulation filed a suit against Randall Barrett, claiming Barrett violated the West Virginia Computer Crime and Abuse Act. Barrett was fired for sexually harassing his co-worker and insubordination. According to the suit, Barrett's job duties included working with documents that contained "sensitive information and trade secrets." The documents were stored on an "S" drive on his workplace computer. According to the suit, Barrett asked a third party to copy the files from his computer onto a CD. Prime claims Barrett's actions put the secrets of the company in danger. Prime claims Barrett also violated the Uniform Trade Secrets Act. They claim he obtained private information through theft and misrepresentation. They seek compensatory and punitive damages.

Sounds like a mess.

The case is Prime Insulation, Inc. and Prime Inc. v. Randall L. Barrett, filed in Kanawha County, West Virginia.

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