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Staffing Firm Aerotek Sues Former Employees for Trade Secret Theft

By Todd
The Sacramento Business Journal is reporting that Aerotek - a staffing company owned by Baltimore Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti - has sued Johnson Group Staffing and one if its recent hires claiming they have misappropriated trade secrets in the process of competing and soliciting Aerotek's clients.

The lawsuit, filed Nov. 9 in Sacramento County Superior Court, alleges breach of contract, misappropriation of trade secrets, interference with contractual relationships, unfair competition and false advertising. It asks the court to order Ponce to stop using the trade secrets to solicit business and to return confidential client information. It also demands general, compensatory and punitive damages.

The legal saga at Aerotek in Sacramento started in 2003 when the company hired Christopher Johnson. He resigned in April 2006 and started Johnson Group, court documents said. The next month, Aerotek sued Johnson for allegedly using company information to solicit Aerotek clients.

The court granted a preliminary injunction against Johnson and his company in June 2006, demanded return of confidential information and prohibited its future use. The lawsuit subsequently was settled. As part of the settlement, the defendants agreed to stop soliciting or serving Aerotek contract engineering clients for 15 months, according to court documents.

We will report back if any legal flags are thrown or penalty yards assessed.

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