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Lew Racing Sues Edge Composites Over Alleged "Secret Process" Theft

By Todd
A Nevada court has delayed ruling on a request by the owners of Lew Racing to bar competitor Edge Composites from displaying or selling products that Lew alleges were made using a “secret process” it developed.

Paul Lew and Lee Vaccaro, the owners of Lew Racing, filed suit in Clark County, Nevada, seeking damages and a permanent injunction to keep Edge, owned by former Lew employee Jason Schiers, from producing carbon fiber products using Lew’s so-called “secret process,” which Lew says he developed and protected with non-disclosure agreements.

Another hearing is scheduled for April 28th.

Schiers, who was employed by Paul Lew for two years ending in 2002, denied that he “or anyone at Edge” is manufacturing carbon fiber products using a secret process developed by his old employer.

“Nothing that we did at Lew, while I was there, represented a significant departure from standard industry practices,” Schiers told VeloNews. “I don’t know if he’s developed some super-secret process since I left — and I wouldn’t put it past him, since he’s a bright guy — but nothing I saw at Lew before 2002 was anything you couldn’t have seen in any other company in this business.”

Lew attorney Jeffrey Whitehead said he’s uncertain how Schiers “could have developed such an understanding of the industry, since he had never worked anywhere in the business before he came to Lew.”

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