Saturday, June 07, 2008, 6/07/2008 12:12:00 PM

Trade Secrets and Telemarketers

From KCRA television in Sacramento, a story about two siblings in Modesto, CA who work for competing telemarketing companies. They were arrested Thursday on charges of stealing thousands of dollars worth of trade secrets.

The Modesto police accuse Kevin Vincent of taking lead and contact information from the telemarketing company for which he worked -- Telecontact Resource Services -- and sending the information to his sister who works at Telepro, a competing telemarketing company.
The sister, Lacy, would then kickback to her brother a portion of the commission she made on every sale that used the information from his e-mails.

The investigation was begun by the Modesto Police Economic Crimes Unit in February when administrators at Telecontact received evidence showing that one of their employees had e-mailed leads and contact information for potential customers to a competing agency.
Both Kevin and Lacy Vincent were booked on charges of stealing trade secrets, conspiracy, embezzlement and using a computer to commit fraud and theft.

This could just be karma for bothering people on the phone during dinnertime.

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