Friday, October 24, 2008, 10/24/2008 01:46:00 PM

"So Good . . . So Good . . . Cause I Got You!" - The Trade Secrets of the James Brown Estate

By Todd
Freaky Friday here, folks. We read with interest the claim of the Trustees for the Estate of The Godfather of Soul - James Brown. They claim that releasing tax returns for James Brown will reveal trade secrets of the Estate. Huh?

Apparently, a settlement has been reached with the lion's share of Brown's many children and former lovers and spouses. South Carolina Assistant Attorney General Sonny Jones said the settlement can be presented to the judge without one child's consent. But attorneys need to obtain tax returns held by trustees before filing the proposal.

Trustees argued Thursday that turning over those documents would violate a federal confidentiality order associated with federal litigation against them or could reveal valuable trade secrets if they fell "into the wrong hands."

The judge was expected to issue an order Friday on the tax returns, which Levenson said could give some clues to the value of Brown's estate.

"GET UP, GET ON UP!!!" Have a good weekend.

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