Tuesday, April 14, 2009, 4/14/2009 03:53:00 PM

Rutgers' Ticketmaster Payments Trade Secrets?

By Todd

One of the fundamental qualities of a trade secret is that it is competitively sensitive - that the owner or holder of the trade secret enjoys a competitive advantage because it knows the trade secret but its competitors don't. But - who are the competitors of a state institution like Rutgers University? Discuss amongst yourselves - and see the story below:

New Jersey officials will not say how much money state entities rake in from fees Ticketmaster charges sports fans and concertgoers.

The ticket-business giant handles ticket sales for New Jersey-owned venues including Rutgers University athletic events and concerts at the Izod Center and Giants Stadium.

The Record of Bergen County used public-records laws to ask the state to provide contracts that spell out the details of how state entities share in Ticketmaster's fees.

But Rutgers and the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority blacked out many of the terms, saying they're trade secrets.

State and federal investigators have subpoenaed Ticketmaster to seek information on how ticket brokers can get tickets so quickly.

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