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Lindsay Lohan Makes Trade Secrets News

By Todd

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Courthouse News Service is reporting that Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan has been sued for trade secret misappropriation.

Lindsay Lohan "publicly proclaimed" that she invented a sunless secret" tanning spray, but she actually swiped the formula from White Wave International, the skin-care company claims in a complaint filed in federal court in Tampa, Florida. White Wave owner Jennifer Sunday says she sent samples of her spray to Lohan's business partner, Lorit Simon, when the defendants were researching sunless tanning formulas.

After executing a confidentiality agreement, White Wave says, Simon discussed buying a shipment of Sunday's spray, but the deal fell through when they couldn't agree on the price.

Later, Simon and Lohan announced the release of Sevin Nyne, a self-tanning mist with identical ingredients to Sunday's formula, according to the complaint. Lohan and Simon, a Las Vegas businesswoman who air-brushes tans for celebs, launched Sevin Nyne in May, claiming it took them three years to create it.

Simon and Lohan allegedly issued press releases claiming that they created the product together.

White Wave also sued Simon's company, Lorit LLC, Crossheart Productions, and Shawn Lampman, alleging theft of trade secrets, unfair and deceptive trade and interference with contract.


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