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TSMC v. SMIC Trial Continues - See CVN Video Links of Opening, Witness Examination and Verdict

By Todd

We've been following progress in the massive TSMC v. SMIC trade secrets trial going on in California, see here:
You'll recall that the jury has already found that SMIC had improperly "acquired, used or disclosed" the TMSC trade secrets and violated the 2005 agreement between the companies and that an attorney for TSMC said its expert witness on damages put the requested amount in the range of "ten figures," or $1 billion. This is a whopper of a case, folks - and it's still going on.

CVN - Court View Network - is a provider of live and on-demand video for high-stakes civil litigation. The proceedings they cover via video feed are shown gavel-to-gavel and commercial-free. They even provide live video feeds to their customers. CVN's David Siegel read our blog posts on this case and was kind enough to provide us with a link to CVN's coverage of this trial and we're now providing that link to you from which you can review free sample video clips available from the trial - one from opening statements, one from witness examination and one from the verdict session. Click here: and then click on any or all of the links under the heading "free video clips from the case." For those of you who have never seen a real courtroom or real attorneys presenting a case in one - here's your chance.
We thank David Siegel at Court View Network for providing this opportunity to our readers. We've reviewed Court View Network's offerings and were quite impressed with the breadth of their coverage. When you have ten minutes, click on the link above and watch the selected snippets of this major trade secrets trial - and we happily note for you providing video coverage is a first for the Womble Trade Secrets Blog. This is a cool day for us.


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