Thursday, July 01, 2010, 7/01/2010 12:34:00 PM

Trade Secrets of Women's Clothing Designs -

By Todd

From Naples, Florida - not normally a hot-bed of trade secret activity: the Naples News is reporting that Chico's FAS Inc. has sued two former employees for allegedly stealing the trade secrets of certain Chico's clothing designs and sharing them with their new employer, Cache.

Perhaps putting a bit of competitive spin on the matter, Chico's says that the theft was in aid of Cache's effort to “fast track” the company’s way out of “repeated seasons of declining sales and profitability."

As a result of the alleged theft, the suit alleges Cache’s spring and summer collections included garments that were identical or virtually identical to products designed by White House/Black Mark, one of Chico's lines.
We'll keep an eye on this one for you.


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