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Tom Brady Not Giving Away His Trade Secrets of Quarterbacking

By Todd

Well - we don't only cover dull and boring trade secrets topics. This just out from The Boston Herald - Tom Brady isn't giving up the secrets of his quarterback skills yet. Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan was interested in Brady giving him some hints but wasn't surprised when the older, more experienced Brady didn't give him much.

”I don’t blame him,” Ryan said. ”I think everybody is protective. Everybody wants a bit of their competitive advantage. Whatever he’s been doing has worked. He’s been extremely productive over the course of his career. Even more than X’s and O’s and training tips, it’s good to get to know those guys."

"I watched Tom all through college at BC. Right through their three Super Bowl runs,” Ryan went on. ”It was good to finally meet him last year when we played up there and get to talk to him a little bit today.”

Brady, while having great admiration for Ryan, wasn’t going to spill the beans. Nope, not even close.

"I don’t give away my ideas too easily,” Brady said. "I’ve worked a long time for my ideas. I’ve been through a lot of games. You’ve got to really let the other competitors figure it out for themselves.”

Tom Brady has good counsel, folks.


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