Thursday, December 23, 2010, 12/23/2010 10:24:00 AM

The Secrets of Sausage

By Todd

Richmond BizSense is reporting that a butcher shop has sued a sausage wholesaler for misappropriation of trade secrets, among other things.

Belmont Butchery claims that Sausage Craft and its owners, both former Belmont Butchery employees, copied recipes to help launch their company.

“Belmont Butchery guards its recipes and methodologies namely, trade secrets, in order to protect its business’s niche in the gourmet butcher shop market and give it a competitive advantage in business,” it says in the suit.

Devon Cushman, an attorney with Hirschler Fleischer representing Sausage Craft, said she is confident that her clients will be vindicated.

“What Belmont Butchery is alleging to be a trade secret isn’t a trade secret and aren’t subject to trade secret protection,” said Cushman. “My clients didn’t take these recipes. They are using new recipes they developed to create what they hoped to be a better product.”

A preliminary injunction has already been denied. We may choose not to report again on this one.

Have a Happy Holiday folks!


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