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Dallas Sports Marketing Powerhouse Accuses Former Employee of Stealing Large Amounts of Trade Secrets on Way Out the Door

By Todd

The Dallas Observer is reporting that Genesco Sports Enterprises, a powerhouse consulting group that matches athletes and sports with certain products, has sued former employee, Sidney White, of using USB flash drive devices to essentially download a treasure-trove of confidential and competitively sensitive data regarding the business.

The suit alleges that on his way out the door, and until the very last second, Sidney White dumped file after file from his laptop and Genesco's servers onto a USB flash drive. White, says the suit, signed a confidentiality agreement in '04 as part of his employment contract included with the filing.

The suit says the "information stolen contains customer account information, including marketing profiles, strategy and budgets for particular products and events." As a result, says yesterday's filing, "such marketing profiles, strategies and budgeting, if forwarded to a Genesco Sports competitor or used in Defendant's own competitive business, will lead to an unfair competitive advantage which the other business would not otherwise have if such confidential and proprietary information were not stolen."

You can find a copy of the complaint here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/58381196/GenescoSportsvSidneyWhite.


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