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Gundlach Being Painted As "Greedy and Conceited" - New Article in Pensions & Investments

By Todd

Randy Diamond at Pensions & Investments has written an interesting piece on the ongoing trade secrets mega-trial between TCW and its former bond guru, Jeffrey Gundlach. The piece is linked above if you click on the title to this post.

Diamond notes that TCW's attorneys seem to be spending a significant amount of time demonstrating Mr. Gundlach is "greedy and conceited." He notes an interesting exchange between TCW super-lawyer John Quinn and Mr. Gundlach, testifying from the stand in front of the jury:

""It certainly drove you crazy when people inside TCW gave Mr. Barach credit, any credit, for that award, isn't that true?” Mr. Quinn asked.

“No,” Mr. Gundlach responded.

Mr. Quinn then produced an e-mail in which Mr. Gundlach asked TCW's Ms. VanEvery to make sure Mr. Barach's name was dropped from press materials from TCW announcing the award.

“I hate to nitpick, and I even less like looking like an egomaniacal nitpicker, but Morningstar did not give the 2006 FI manager of the year to JG and co-manager PB, right? ... They gave it to JG full stop. ... Our documents must say that, exactly that. Can you quietly fix this?”

Ms. VanEvery did so."

The trial continues tomorrow with TCW's CEO on the stand.


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