Wednesday, February 15, 2012, 2/15/2012 08:48:00 AM

Chinese Vice President Gets Earful from Biden

China’s heir apparent, Vice President Xi Jinping, is visiting the US this week. Amid all the wining and dining, are serious discussions about issues concerning intellectual property rights, including trade secrets.

Here’s a little lecture Xi got from Vice President Biden as reported in The Diplomat:
As Americans, we welcome competition. It’s part of our DNA and it propels our citizens to rise to the challenge. But cooperation, as you and I have spoken about, can only be mutually beneficial if the game is fair. That’s why the meetings we’ve had this morning were essentially a continuation of the multiple meetings we had in your country in August, and we spent a great deal of time discussing the areas of our greatest concern, including the need to rebalance the global economy, to protect intellectual property rights and trade secrets, to address China’s undervalued exchange rate, to level the competitive playing field and to prevent the forced transfer of technology, and to continue a constructive dialogue on policies that would benefit our citizens and the world.

Meanwhile, the New York Times reports on a poster child US company whose trade secrets were stolen by China, American Superconducter Corporation of Massachusetts.


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