Friday, April 07, 2006, 4/07/2006 08:10:00 AM

New Trade Secrets Cases in the News

Lots of action this week:

From the Orlando Sentinel,

Lockheed Martin Corp. has sued three former employees, a key competitor and a subcontractor (L-3 Communications Corp. and Mediatech Inc.), accusing them of conspiring to steal trade secrets involving a lucrative simulation-training contract managed in Orlando.

From the Memphis Business Journal,

A judge issued a restraining order on behalf of Exel Transportation Services, Inc., which is suing a competitor (Total Transportation Services) staffed by several former Exel executives who Exel says allegedly stole trade secrets from their former employer. Read about it here.

From Business Week, a story on how inventor Jeff Conklin beat IBM in a trade secrets and patent infringement case concerning technology which allows buyers and sellers to exchange information, negotiate and buy and sell online. According to Business Week, it's a real-life case of David beating Goliath.


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