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Stranger than Fiction -- IBM Hacking Law Firm Website?

A strange and so-far under-reported story from UK's The Inquirer concerning a lawsuit in federal court in Washington under the Computer Fraud & Abuse Act brought by a Washington law firm against IBM. The law firm, Butera & Andrews (whose website can be found here), is a small firm of about ten lawyers specializing in government relations and litigation.

According to The Inquirer, the law firm claims that an employee suspected last Fall that its email server, contracted out to a Virginia firm, Sierra Corporation, had been compromised. The firm then hired a forensics computer investigator to track the email traffic. The investigator discovered that a computer with a particular IP address had attempted to gain access to the server. The IP address in question, the complaint alleges, is registered to IBM in Durham, North Carolina.

In the words of The Inquirer, "[c]ontinued monitoring revealed that other attacks during last November caused multiple denial of service attacks. The investigators also monitored logs from the law firm's clients and discovered 42,000 attempts by 80 different IP addresses registered to IBM Durham," according to the complaint.

IBM has received an extension of its time to answer the complaint.

This one is very odd and we'll keep an eye on it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What could IBM want with some law firm in DC? I don't think they have any apparent interest in that list of clients... sounds bogus to me.

4:51 PM, June 06, 2006  

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