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Sun vs. Azul -- Trade Secrets and the New CEO

From the San Jose Mercury News (via Linuxinsider), a story concerning Sun's contentions in a lawsuit that Stephen DeWitt, a former Sun employee and now CEO of Azul, stole trade secrets, violated his non-compete agreement with Sun, and recruited key Sun employees to work for Azul. Azul makes network appliances for applications that run on Sun's Java system.

Sun's statement: "It is unfortunate that we have to resort to litigation in order to settle our dispute with the company, despite repeated business proposals from Sun that were intended to free up Azul and its products to continue to take advantage of Sun's intellectual property without interruption."

From Azul's lawyer: "Azul has spent the last year negotiating with Sun while they have threatened us with belligerent requests to be granted a significant ownership in Azul, in addition to cash and royalty payments.... This suit is not about Azul technology; this suit is about Sun and its predatory attempt to thwart Azul's innovative solution from penetrating the market."

Pretty much the usual dueling allegations.


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