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Coke Trade Secrets Case -- Day One

From the Canadian Press via Canada.com, a story about the first day of testimony in the Coca-Cola trade secrets case in federal court in Atlanta. The sole remaining defendant is former secretary and Coke employee, Joya Williams.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Randy Chartash told jurors during his opening statement Monday that Williams was the one who first approached the two co-defendants in the case about selling Coca-Cola documents and samples of products that hadn't been launched to rival Pepsi. Chartash said the case is about "greed and poor choices."
Williams' lawyer Janice Singer said the case is really about two ex-cons who duped Williams, stole documents from her and conspired behind her back.

According to the prosecutor's forecast, key evidence against Williams includes a $4,000 deposit Williams made into her bank account, voicemail messages between Williams and the co-defendants, and surveillance video of Williams at her desk at Coca-Cola headquarters.

And, we've finally got some insight into the trade secrets themselves: information about Coca-Cola's plans for marketing its new coffee-infused drink, Coca-Cola Blak, a lightly carbonated, mid-calorie beverage, designed to appeal to adult consumers by including real coffee and a coffee-like froth when poured.

According to testimony from her former co-defendant, Williams was angry at her employer for not treating her well and hatched a plan to steal the trade secrets from the beverage giant and sell them to Pepsi.
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