Tuesday, October 09, 2007, 10/09/2007 03:35:00 PM

Leaks and Al Qaeda's Trade Secrets

By Todd
Al Qaeda is reportedly in the business of terrorism - or at least acting like it's an exporter of terrorism. Like any business, they've got secrets. They've got marketing. And they've got Osama bin Laden with his funny hats and long grey (sometimes black) beard as their pitch-man. But like a proverbial Steve Jobs, Osama doesn't like anyone stealing his thunder.

According to the Washington Post, an outfit called SITE Intelligence Group was in a position to do exactly that. They were receiving pre-release Al Qaeda videos before anyone else - and they apparently shared this information with the White House. But - as we all know - the feds aren't always solid on keeping a lid on things and - the next thing you know - the gig was up. It got out that SITE Intelligence Group was the source of the pre-release. Osama is presumedly making a list of his helpers and checking to see who's been good and who's been bad.

SO - the head of SITE Intelligence Group has learned her lesson: sharing pilfered secrets with the White House isn't using reasonable means to protect your information. Also, it is possible that Osama bin Laden is having counsel review the Afghani Trade Secrets Protection Act to see if he's got a claim. We'd hate to know the nature of injunctive relief he'd claim entitlement to.

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