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007 In the Private Sector -- Corporate Espionage, A 21st Century Thing

Rodger Nevill Harding, a Toronto based business intelligence consultant, has a new book, Corporate Intelligence Awareness: Securing the Competitive Edge (Multi-Media Publications, $43.95), which distills his years of intelligence and consulting experience into a handbook for corporate executives seeking to protect their resources and gain a strategic advantage over competitors.

That's according to a book review -- well it's not really a book review, it's a press release that looks like a book review -- from PRWeb. According the review (or release), the FBI says that companies seeking competitive intelligence generally use three different methods to get trade secrets and other confidential information: They bribe people working inside the target organization to share research or other confidential documents, they hire employees who work in key positions in the target organization and then mine them for information about their former employer, and they establish what appears to be innocent business relationships with the target organization in order to get access to inside information. Harding believes that an enhanced people awareness approach to intelligence, coupled with the efficient use of technology, is a more ethical alternative to the kind of corporate intelligence that spills over into espionage.

Harding, it says, describes step-by-step how an organization can develop an intelligence-gathering strategy that does not cross legal or ethical boundaries. He describes how to gather the required information, analyze and process data, and ensure that the resulting product is made available to decision makers as soon as possible. Importantly, he links efficient intelligence gathering to effective corporate strategy development, planning, and product or service evolution.

It might be a worthwhile book (there's not much out there that's useful), but it's hard to tell just from a press release.

If the publisher sends it to us, we'll review it. Then you'll know for sure.

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