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Defunct Company Takes on Motorola in Florida Jury Trial

From the Miami Herald, an interesting story about a small and now defunct Florida technology company, SPS Technologies, which is taking on Motorola in a Florida state court jury trial beginning this week.

The plot is reasonably familiar: SPS and Motorola talked about a joint venture. Motorola even paid $5 million and got a look at SPS's technology to develop a tracking product to locate vehicles, before deciding to walk away. SPS went broke, but later sued Motorola contending that Motorola used its technology in several products.

Notably, SPS has hired Florida attorney Willie Gary, a noted giant killer. The Herald quotes Gary: "They partnered with our guys, they got them to let their guard down and led them to give up trade secrets."

Gary's firm is taking the case seriously. According to the report, he has brought about 20 attorneys, paralegals, consultants and technology staff to the Riverside Hotel in Fort Lauderdale for the duration of the trial, expected to last six to eight weeks.

We'll keep you posted.

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