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Testimony Delayed in Coca-Cola Trade Secrets Case, But Not Before Ex-Boyfriend Testifies

By Todd
This just out in the Coca-Cola trade secrets trial: the government has asked for a recess to review over 750 pages of defense documents to determine whether portions should be redacted before being shown to the jury. U.S. District Judge J. Owen Forrester granted the recess until 11 a.m. Thursday. When Judge Forrester released the jury for the day, he expressed frustration with the prosecution and defense attorneys by saying "In an effort to simplify things — they didn't."

Prior to the recessed adjournment, Ms. Williams' ex-boyfriend testified that the defendant wanted him to lie for her about a package she had sent to another man accused in the case.
Sedrick Wilson said Joya Williams sent him a text message on Jan. 7, nine days before jury selection began, saying that it was "beyond important" that he call her. The subject, Wilson said, was a package she sent via FedEx to Ibrahim Dimson, a co-defendant in the case, during the first half of 2006. Wilson said he was with Williams when the shipment was sent. "She said, 'Make sure you say that it was for the trucking company,'" Wilson recalled of his recent conversation with Williams. Wilson testified he didn't know what was in the package. "I guess she wanted me to lie for her," Wilson said. A defense lawyer objected, and U.S. District Judge J. Owen Forrester ruled the comment out of consideration by the jury.

We don't know how Ms. Williams' attorney is feeling about things so far, but this case has all the signs of a conviction written all over it. We'll continue to report on the case as the matter progresses.

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